Julius Popper - Julius Popper [2009]

An excellent band from Chile, with a playful Rockabilly and Blues Rock backdrop for smart and funny lyrics.

As a preview, a couple of unplugged versions!

(Posted as requested by our good friend, Mr. Damas - @resortedamas)

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Jimi Hendrix - Woke Up This Morning and Found Myself Dead [1980]

Ever wandered what would happen if you got Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison together in a room, fed them every kind of substance available, and recorded the whole damn mess for eternity? Well, look no further.

Probably one of the most bootleged recordings by Hendrix, performed at the Scene Club y New York, in march 1968.



Armoniacida - Piramidal [2009]

Take a 1970's tropical focus towards looping and you will find yourself uncontrollably head bobbing to this grooves. Melodies and beats bounce off with such grace and rhythm that it makes each glitch a motive for to get off your ass and dance while listening to this record. It's their steady and yet unpredictable changes at some points that prove that behind this simple idea their something refreshing and valuable. Repetition, beats and textures are key elements in the structure of this album, and Leon and the Gang; from Toluca Mexico really know how to handle them with elegance and respect . Their work is nothing more than hot plate of glitchy hip hop with latin flavor sprinkles and this is a dish that will take you any where from a clubbing almost steady beat to an accelerated tribal drum set just injected with a high dose MDMA.

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Os Mutantes - Tecnicolor [1970/2000]

Originally meant to be the band's fourth album when it was recorded in 1970, Tecnicolor was rejected by the band, and fell into the shadows for thirty years. After the resurface of the band during the nineties, it got to be finally released, as an attempt to appeal to a greater audience.

Including versions in English of previous songs, covers in Portuguese and French and new material, Tecnicolor has become a heavy reference in Tropicália and Latin Psychedelia.

Must Enjoy!!!

Tom Zé - Estudando o Samba [1975]

Though he is mainly known for his contributions to the Tropicália movement of the sixties, and by his resurface during the nineties thanks to David Byrne, Tom Zé managed to create during his obscure seventies a magnificent album, probably the masterpiece mixture between Samba ans Psychedelia.

Mixing a large variety of instruments with intricate compositions, fully immersed within the tropical sound of the psychedelic age, Estudando o Samba is definitely a latin masterpiece.

Special attention of the mandolin arrangement in Toc, and the lyrics of Ui.

Groove to the sound of!


Eureka Brown - ¡Digitalia! [2009]

This time around Eureka Brown comes back with a short, delightful straight forward album called ¡Digitalia! Sounds of fuzzier guitars in a kind of a Velvet Underground feel with some delicate keyboards and vocals embrace over the obviously head banging beats, track 3 (¡Digitalia!) explains it better than I could. None of the songs go past 3 minutes which makes for a well rounded album just under 20 minutes and 5 seconds. Leaves one with the feeling of wanting more of this. Absolute great follow up album.


Eureka Brown - Future Vision of the Digital Universe [2007]

In a lo-fi psychedelic dream Eureka Brown might just be right soundtrack to get your hallucinations going. This 2007 10 song album, will paint a scene filled with tropical pop landscapes and a serious trails of fuzz in guitar forms. In less than 30 minutes this band from Illinois gives us a minor taste of their own flavor.

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Beck - Velvet Underground & Nico [2009]

Continuing with the whole-album covers, this is a combination that might seem a bit off-putting at first, but after the first listen is guaranteed you will love the acoustic arrangements Beck and his usual crew of collaborators have achieved. Staying true to the dark sound that dominates the Velvet's original drive, this cover manages to make justice to a time when music was everything.

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Squirrel Nut Zippers - Hot [1996]

A must have classic, Squirrel Nut Zippers sophomoric album put them in the top of late-nineties Swing revival, and gave the world a couple of songs that would be used in every film imaginable, specially the hypnotic Hell.

With a very interesting array of instruments and collaborators, and a very good idea of what good music sounds like, this album will become an instant favorite.

Swing this way!


December Mix

This is a little mix tape of some of our most beloved performers
Party on!
Happy Holidays Y'all
The Team


S.O.D. - Speak English or Die [1985]

Also known as Storm Troopers of Death, these guys managed to record an album thanks to extra time available during the Anthrax Spreading The Disease sessions, and was originally intended to be a joke. Scott Ian and Charlie Benante called a couple of friends, and created what would become a major name in late-eighties Trash metal, specially thanks to its humorous content and brutal lyrics and rhythms.

A frantic drum line works as a base for loud guitars and an extremely fast bass, guaranteed to make you enjoy!

Bang your head to this!!!


S.O.D. - Live at Budokan [1992]

Some amazing live action, just for your enjoyment. Most of the songs in Speak English or Die, plus a couple of live treats!!!

Live Madness Right Here!!!


Dominique Leone - Abstract Expression [2009]

With his sophomoric release, Dominique Leone presents a collection of songs that easily flow between the likes of dreamy pop sequences, into utter and complete electronic madness. Abstract Expression promises to be an interesting ride through the musicians imagination, full of different musical textures and sound experimentation.

It can be easily described as a car crash between Mr. Bungle-era Mike Patton, and a very dosed up Dan Deacon.

Recommended Dose!!


Sonace - Wiretones Jazztap [2009]

This a perfect and brilliant example of why we do what we do. Why we take the time out of our "very busy" days schedules to bring you rare gems. This next piece of material came to my attention listening to the Jazz station on some Internet radio website, then BAM!, A song called Swing Back Jack/Jazz Twins comes on. Long story short, after a very brief investigation and precise research (getting in touch with the artist) I proudly bring you: Sonace. This is a composer, not a band, not a jazz ensemble you see at your dad's favorite bar. A composer who in less 22 minutes brings to the ears a combination of Post Rock, Electronica and Jazz that leaves you with the feeling of wanting more. Its the kind of music that doesn't really set up a mood to entertain your Yuppie friends at your next cocktail party. Its a dense and thick sound that takes you from rapid heavy mood to a calm hypnotic atmosphere and then back again to a head banging, finger snapping jazz, but only for a moment. Unpredictable and refreshing is this album called Wiretones Jazztap and I'm very happy to share it with y'all.

Thanks Tim.


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